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Promoting regenerative business

We who work with regenerative agriculture share the same barriers and challenges to establish our business and generate the socio-environmental impact we aim for. Thinking about the growth potential that we can achieve together, by sharing our experiences and promoting collective solutions, comes Agroforestry Dialogues.


Agroforestry Dialogues is an initiative of Instituto Belterra, in partnership with Instituto Clima e Sociedade and Fundo Vale. It is a collaborative group for exchanging experiences and business. As part of the actions of this group, we will hold a series of 12 webinars, three on each topic listed below, or topics suggested by you, always with the participation ofexpertson the subject, so that we can clarify doubts and build solutions.

Agroforestry Dialogues is a journey of knowledge production and exchange of experiences between companies linked to forest regeneration. If you are interested in joining us, just fill in this form.

Webinars subject lines

Forest Restoration and Land Insecurity

Rural land tenure regularization is the instrument that aims to ratify the title of the occupants of the territory, as well as correct irregular settlements, in order to guarantee the right to property. It involves legal, environmental and urban measures, and is also important to pacify relations in the countryside.

Regulatory Framework for Agroforestry Business

Regulatory aspects such as labor legislation for rural areas, taxes on rural partnership and integration contracts, regulations relating to the production and sale of seedlings and seeds, environmental limitations on real estate.

Business Models and Investment Funding

The process of building the Business Model impels us to think about the financial structuring, the company's relationship with the community, the operation of integrated operations with cooperatives and producer associations, the incorporation of environmental services - carbon, water, soil, biodiversity - in business accounting, and in several other factors that can be decisive for the success or failure of the business.

Building Agroforestry Productive Chains

The successful implementation of regenerative systems is closely linked to the structuring of value chains for commodities produced. The definition of key species for large-scale native forestry, regenerating with plants that also have economic purposes.  Floating production is a challenge

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