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Abelha na flor

We pollinate impact

Beeterra Project aims to include economically vulnerable population in a cycle of personal and economic development.


We are proposing a business model that will predominantly engage rural women, creating new income alternatives.

We work with stingless bees, which represent a strong sign of environmental preservation and regeneration.

Female strength in meliponiculture

We involved rural women in the project, family farmers who are part of traditional communities and/or rural settlements.


These women are already engaged in agricultural, domestic and childcare activities. Working with meliponiculture brings them greater participation in the family income, through an activity  pleasure, which can be performed at home.


Project Impacts


• Income generation;
• Model of artisanal production;
• Strengthening of the links in the honey chain;
• Dissemination of meliponiculture.


• Financial realization and emancipation;
• Recognition of women by their family and community.


• Forest regeneration;
• Maintenance of biodiversity;
• Pollination and creation of productive gardens.

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