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The future made of crops

Belterra partners with small and medium-sized farmers to create productive forests in degraded areas.

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Let's tell new rural stories

and in them you are not alone

We support your move to Agroforestry System with different types of partnerships, so you can choose the best option for your moment.


We use our tool to come up with the most profitable crop combinations according to your region.

Short-cycle crops begin to be harvested in the first year, generating revenue as the main species grow.

With the partnership signed, we began the implementation of its productive forest.

Our technical team prepares the soil, supplies the inputs and carries out the planting.


In the future, the fruits of this partnership will also be reaped by your children.

Our productive forest draws a new horizon with regenerated land, easier to care for production and high productivity.

And so, new rural stories emerge strengthened by nature.

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The countryside will no longer be a place to leave, but a place to live.

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