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Integrated solutions for agroforestry

We create a productive ecosystem to ensure that no farmer is alone in transitioning to productive forests.

Belterra is the link between companies that offer services for agroforestry, from technical assistance to the purchase of production.


Credit to the farmer

We offer financing options to transform degraded areas into an agroforestry system.

Who we connect:

- Banks
- Investment funds
- Companies


- Belterra consultants
- Embrapa
- Universities
- Instituto Belterra

We work with the best consultants for each culture.

Technical assistance

Who we connect:

Belterra Institute

The Belterra Institute is an organization dedicated to scientific research and socio-environmental innovation.

Scientific research and dissemination

We promote the exchange of knowledge between companies, institutes and public ICT, to strengthen scientific progress and innovation in the preservation of the environment and sustainable development.

Entrepreneurship and professional development

We facilitate innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship, and encourage job creation and specialized professional training.


Who we connect:


We take care of the implantation of your productive forest with local teams.

- Belterra labor
- Outsourced labor
- Belterra nurseries
- Input companies
- Machinery rental companies
- Belterra monitoring system

Who we connect:

Logistics chain

We connect your property with logistics chains and processing structures.

- Collective purchasing systems
- Pre-processing structures


Who we connect:


We guarantee the sale of your production.

- Large buyers
- Cooperatives
- Centralizers (like CEASA)

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