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Belterra Agroforestry's 2020-2024 Social and Environmental Impact Report

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At Belterra, we aim to always work towards Sustainable Territorial Development in line with the interests of small rural producers. For such, we seek to develop our activities in a clear and objective manner, starting from the beginning of our relationships.

In early 2024, we also began applying our Socioeconomic Questionnaires, which, in addition to gathering important data about the social actors involved, can help us understand the potential and challenges of each territory where we operate.

Belterra Agroforestry's 2020-2024 Socioenvironmental Impact Report highlights the results we have achieved since the inception of our startup. In it, we can see the faces of the agroforesters(itálico) and communities we are building day by day.

The report is available below.

Relatório Belterra 2024 EN (1)
Download PDF • 15.63MB


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